A General Overview Of Breast Augmentation

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Neither is everyone created equal nor is everyone perfect! A great body is largely predetermined at birth or genetically ‘defined,' we are simply capable of modifying them at the later stage of our life. Most women and girls view small breasts with dismay although small breasts do not have any affect on motherhood, but undersized ‘boobs' apparently play a ‘spoilsport' to the whole idea of a great, bootilicious body. To many women across the globe, small breasts have continued to become a great cause of agony and one of the concrete reasons entailing inferiority complex. Finally, modern medicine and latest technologies have come to the rescue of tens and thousands of women whose lives are devastated by undersized breasts. In the meanwhile, breast augmentation or mammoplasty is the surgical procedure which is used worldwide to enlarge small breasts with organic breast implants. Thailand— the land of white elephants— is swiftly becoming a haven for safe and affordable cosmetic surgeries by virtue of its abundance of skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeons and superior quality healthcare facilities.

Surgery Procedures

It is true that every medical procedure involves a certain amount of risk, and this factor is responsible for many people being reluctant to get under the knife. But, if a cosmetic surgery is performed through qualified and well-trained surgeons who have years of hands-on experience in these surgical procedures, the chance of developing contingencies is highly minimal. As a matter of fact, what causes small breasts in many women is one of the most baffling questions with little credible answers. During a woman's lifetime, the size of her breasts continues to undergo changes, therefore undersized or oversized breasts may be the outcome of one or more of the given multiple factors namely, age, genetics, pregnancy, weight changes, sun exposure, sagging breasts and also, the effects of gravity. Breast augmentation or breast enlargement surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia where in breast implants are inserted through incision made underneath the breasts, armpits or around the nipples. The breast implants used in these surgeries are silicone based non-reactive casing filled with silicone or saline gel.

How it Works?

Breast enlargement or augmentation surgeries are primarily carried out to reconstruct or replace breast tissues lost due cancer or trauma or to rectify breasts that have failed to develop due to severe breast abnormality. The second most relevant use of breast augmentation surgeries is to enlarge and shape up small breasts. In some cases of breast augmentation procedure, a revision augmentation may also be required to correct or improve the result of the previous augmentation surgery. The good news is that the quality of life post-surgery for almost all the women improves dramatically in terms of their social life, physical appearance, sexual life and self-confidence.

Where to Approach?

Thailand is one of the most suitable destinations for breast augmentation surgery among the major medical tourism destinations like India, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and Singapore. There are numerous cheap and safe packages for breast augmentation Thailand especially for medical tourists from developed countries who are stung by sky-rocketing medical bills and ‘long waits' for medical treatment. The pristine beaches, exuberant scenic beauty, people, culture and cuisine also add up to it being one of the most sought after tourist destinations.

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A General Overview Of Breast Augmentation

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This article was published on 2010/10/15