Breast Augmentation and Scarring

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One of the aspects of breast augmentation surgery that woman wonder about is the scarring that is left following the procedure. Women want to know where the scars will be, how visible they will be, and how they will heal. The amount of scarring you may experience with your breast augmentation procedure depends on a few things:

  • How you take care of yourself before and after your breast augmentation procedure
  • Where the incisions are placed
  • What type of breast implant you choose


Taking Care of Yourself Before and After Breast Augmentation

How well you take care of yourself will play a large part in your breast augmentation recovery. Eating a healthy diet will encourage your body to heal faster, heal properly, and keep your immune system strong. Exercising regularly before your procedure is a good idea, as well. However, exercising following your procedure is not. Follow your plastic surgeons' directions regarding returning to any regular exercise regimen.

A healthy body and strong immune system gives the body what it needs to heal properly with minimal scarring following your breast augmentation. Smoking inhibits proper skin cell growth by slowing blood flow and reducing the healing process. Your breast surgeon will most likely encourage you to stop smoking for at least two weeks prior and for two weeks following your procedure.


Types of Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are two common types of incisions for breast augmentation:

  • Inframammary incision
  • Periareolar incision

Both types of incisions heal very well and the scars lighten gradually over time. The scars from both types of incisions are easily hidden on or by the breasts. The inframammary incision is placed under the breast where the breast overlaps the chest. The breast tissue conceals the incision and the scar by overlapping this area.

The periareolar incision is placed around the outside of the areola. Once the scar heals and lightens, it is virtually invisible because it lies where the dark skin of the areola transitions into the light skin of the breast.

All types of clothing, lingerie, and swimwear hide both the inframammary and the periareolar incisions. You can feel sexy and confident in everything you wear after breast augmentation surgery.


Types of Breast Implants

The two types of breast implants used in breast augmentation surgery are saline implants and silicone implants. Saline implants can either be prefilled or filled after placement. Filling the implants after placement gives your breast surgeon more control over the implant size and gives you the option for either incision placement type. Saline implants can be placed with either the inframammary incision or the periareolar incision.

Silicone implants come prefilled and their size cannot be adjusted after placements. Because silicone implants are prefilled, they must be placed with the inframammary incision. The inframammary incision is a longer incision that accommodates the size of silicone breast implants.



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Breast Augmentation and Scarring

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