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In breast augmentation the size of the women's breast are increased by using breast implants. Women get breast augmentation done so that they would be able to increase the curves of their body, to make both their breasts symmetrical or to rectify the loss of volume which took place after having a baby. The women cup size can be increased by one or more cup sizes with the help of breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation surgery is done by the surgeon by making a surgical cut alongside the crease on the breasts' underside or around the areola. The breast implants are placed under the chest muscles or by making a pocket behind the breast tissue.

It will take just an hour or two to complete many of the breast augmentation surgeries. The incisions made by the surgeon would be stitched and bandages, gauze and tape would be applied to it for support. This will also help in healing.

If there are extra fluids, the surgeon would insert drainage tubes for couple of days to remove it. It will take only a few days for a person to get back on their feet. Individuals will feel tired and sore for those couple of days. People may change into a soft cup bra after a few days when the surgical dressing and gauze are removed. In 10 days the sutures that have not been dissolved on their own would be removed by the surgeon. The nipples might feel a burning sensation in the initial 2 weeks following the surgery. This sensation will reduce as the bruising from the surgery starts to heal. For individuals that have had their implants positioned under the breast glands, swelling may persist for two to three weeks where for people who have had the implants placed under the muscle, swelling could persist for three to five months.

Most of the individuals could return back to work in a week of their breast augmentation. But this does rely on the job requirements. You should be fine if your breasts aren't sore after 3 or 4 weeks. You must not do any heavy lifting, pulling or pushing in the first two weeks after your breast augmentation. It is good not to do any activity which would increase your blood pressure or your heart rate. The scars from surgery would appear pink after 6 weeks from breast augmentation. If you experience any complications then you should contact your surgeon.
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Find Out More About Breast Augmentation

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This article was published on 2011/02/02